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Part 3 of my ” Cover me in Stardust” covers collection …… “Thinking about you” by Radiohead.

I hold Radiohead in a special place in my heart. I used to live in Nottingham and travelled up to Manchester a lot on the trains for work, obsessively playing their albums on repeat all the way their and all the way back. It was the music and Thom’s voice of course, but I also loved the dynamics of the production (good old Nigel Godrich).
I didn’t want to be too predictable so I choose my favourite song from their under-rated first album, “Pablo Honey”. Appropriately, about obsession, it’s quite straight forward as far as songs go (structurally and lyrically) and Anyone can play guitar, right? :) so I wanted to make it different to the original.

Apart from the odd bit of reversed mandolin(!) I thought I’d park the stringed instruments and focus on some of the analogue synths (Tetra/Jomox/Bass station). Not only are the old analogues a large part of the Golden Rabbit sound, this also meant that I could refer to another influence too: my fav old computer games……. namely Zelda and MarioKart!

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