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This is a live performance of my Tori Amos cover “Silent all these years (excuse me)”, the first part of my “Cover me in stardust” E.P.  You can download the recordings for free on ……. http://soundcloud.com/goldenrabbit

I wanted this video to be like a fly on the wall observation of the silence being broken between two people. It’s the pressure cooker finally exploding after an intense build up of frustration.

The making of “Poohsticks” video part 4:

…..The origami rabbits fitted perfectly in the clam shells we found on the shore’s edge. As if they were tailor -made. As I paddled into the water to release them, I was a little bit freaked out by the black tar like mud that had me sinking deeper than I liked! Probably a good thing as it stopped my urges to go in too deep.

We then moved back to where the wilds had grown up in the new, uncovered soil. It was like a gorgeous English meadow. The light of the late afternoon was amazing as we shot through the red rushes. We found out afterwards that it may have been wild Japanese knot weed, not a good thing apparently as it spreads quickly and causes damage. Bad things have a habit of looking good on the outside though, don’t they?:0/

The day was drawing in on us so we found our way back to the car. We made sure Alison was ok before saying our goodbyes to her, as she had a prior engagement, then we headed off to our final location at the other end of the water.

Once again, we couldn’t believe our luck as we stumbled across the dried up overflow under the bridge. And how fortuitous that someone else had found it before us and had kindly spray painted gold hearts on to the walls and also sprayed some empty glass bottles for me to take home as a momento. I’m a sucker for those. Momentos AND bottles in fact.

It was another fine example of how going with the flow (or, overflow in this case) brought us so much luck and added so much more to the story than we could have ever imagined.

The acoustics were amazing so we filmed a little a cappella between the takes…..


It was next to the Gothic water tower, a.k.a: my mysterious-man’s-mysterious-dwelling, where we shot the final scenes. I loved the padlock and ancient cobwebs in the doorway - which perfectly sealed the confusion of where he had disappeared to.

The whole day, I had felt like Zelda finding the hidden treasure chests and lifting the prize up in the air - whoop!!!

It was 8pm by the time we rapped up and headed of into the sunset….. to the nearby Old Bulls Head pub in Woodhouse Eaves - one of my family’s regular haunts and a benefit to shooting in a place you know well :0)

As we ate dinner, we were exhausted, but there was some sort of resonating energy we had unleashed that day that filled us with awe. A rather jam packed and hectic shoot was turned into an absolute pleasure and fun adventure! Everything had fallen into place and maybe as a reward for our thorough forward planning, for being on the same wave length or just for letting the magic guide us, gifts were laid out before us to make our story easier to tell.

I truly didn’t want to leave the wonderland behind. I eventually caught a late, modern day train back to Landan town, buzzing on our natural high and reminiscing all the way. “Poohsticks” was written on a train all those years ago, and it’s story finally ended on that train home.

See the video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEtX1YvXWbY&feature=g-upl

and get your free song download here: http://soundcloud.com/goldenrabbit