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The making of “Poohsticks” video: Part 1

As my first ‘proper’ video, I wanted “Poohsticks” to be an introduction to the Golden Rabbit world, to show my roots and what was at the core of my creation.

I was born in Loughborough (371 Park Road to be precise), Leicestershire and spent most of my life there before chasing dreams down to London eight years ago.
The Great Central Railway was a favourite haunt as a child and we went there often to watch the steam trains.

This is me and my brother (2nd and 3rd from the right) with his friends…..

and messing about on the trains……

This and my fathers love of antiques has left a fond spot in my heart for the by-gone era and, seeing as “Poohsticks” was originally written on a train up to Manchester (when I lived in Nottingham), I started to conjure up a concept for the video.

It would be a tale of two halves, the light and the dark shades of two plains colliding. The residue of a love lossed, hanging around for eternity, like a sticky web to be caught in.

The other location I had in mind was Swithland reservoir. With it’s vast waters, gothic towers and viaduct arches where the steam trains pass over (this would link the two worlds together), it was a stark contrast to the quaint station with it’s brightly coloured decoration. I had cycled a round this place so many times, spent lazy summer days picnicking and pretending to be in Europe somewhere (such was the essence of the place), I knew it well.

I wanted to find a director from back home because I thought they would have a better connection with what I was trying to do. I put out the feelers with some old contacts and the first person to respond was Timo Chesney from Nottingham (adding another connection to the story). We emailed a few times and spoke on the phone but instantly, I felt he was on my wave-length and understood what I was trying to convey. He actually did an amazing job of deciphering my loose 2D vision and turned it into a living entity of it’s own.

Two weeks later, we shot the video.

See it here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NEtX1YvXWbY&feature=g-upl

and get your free download here: http://soundcloud.com/goldenrabbit

Part Two coming soon……..x

Behind the scenes of “I saw red” video…


'I Saw Red' is about being trapped in abusive circumstances/relationships. Be it with partners, family members or people in your peer group, if you have been there, you will know how hard it is to escape and break the cycle.

I made the video on my knacked old Flip camera whilst travelling through the January snows from London to Manchester and back through the Midlands. It’s slow paced but the industrial, intimidating power stations and the snow represent the struggle.  And, just when you think you have made it, the threat comes back ‘round again.
Do you go back? or move on to the next “same circumstances, just different faces”? or do you manage to break the chain?

Anyone who relates to this piece, please be strong and never feel so alone that you cannot seek help.

Everyone else, just enjoy my music and feel free to share! xxx