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The final part (5) of the ” Cover me in Stardust” covers collection ……

"Droplet Affection" Ursa Minor.

Ursa Minor are one of my fav up and coming bands of 2012. Not least because I love a band that follows the analogue synth ethics that I do, but also because they represent strong female artists in the current music industry:0)

I have had the pleasure of working with them and there is something about this song that resonated with me.  I knew I had to cover it.

If you haven’t heard of them yet, please check them out here…….

And watch their amazing video of the original song here……

You can also purchase from Fairshare music, who donate half the money of every download to a charity of your choice! Now THAT is rather special!

"Angel Plantation" hand-made greeting card…..
I also made a fabulous handmade card to go with ‘Angel Plantation’…… a rainbow rabbit pinwheel! It’s like taking a rabbit for a walk:0)
As always, it was the prize of a competition to mark the release of the song.
(Background music “Out at Sea” by Ursa Minor (Little Bear)

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This is the last outfit from my covers videos (I didn’t do a video for the Radiohead cover unfortunatly, it will happen one day:0)

For the “Droplet Affection” Ursa Minor (Little Bear) video, I wore a stunning emerald green, silk vintage dress with flower detailing. I’m not sure what the technical term is for this effect - it is imprinted within the material, but it is NOT a print! Feel free to enlighten me.

This was another magical find back in the eBay heydays. Now you have to scrutinize the search list at un-earthly hours just to find anything vaguely unique and a bargain. It can be done though, you just need patience, a keen eye and nerves of steel for the last second bidding!

I adore green and found this dressmakers hem to make the headband with.

See the dress in action in my video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3n4BDQUptAQ

(which also includes my Abyssinian kitten)

Here is the latest Ursa Minor release….”Ha!”

I had the opportunity to make up the delectable Little bear (Gabby) again and we went a little wild! With a gold forehead, 80’s shading and blush and dark plum lips,  it is quite an intense look for a retro inspired video and a dark shot of magic house.