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The reason I chose “Silent all these years”…..

This is the first part of my “Cover me in Stardust” E.P.
"Silent all these years" by Tori Amos.

As it is an introduction to Golden Rabbit, each track has been chosen to represent more than one of my influences, as I will explain……

Tori Amos was the first singer-songwriter I got into and the reason I first became a bright red-head. She taught me how to be playful as a singer and how to push the boundaries of traditional writing structures and movement.  Mozart piano concertos had a similar influence on my writing techniques but this was a more obvious choice to cover!

I decided to do an a-cappella version as a nod to “Me and a gun” from her first album, “Little Earthquakes” It was such a brave, raw and emotional expression and was the first time I’d heard a song done in that way. It opened my mind to trying different ideas for recording. You may not be able to learn much about my musical style from this one, but it is me laying myself bare, warts and all.

I added the clock (which is a mantle clock from my father) as my dad collected clocks and repaired them when I was little. It seemed like there were hundreds and every Sunday, on Sundays only,  he started them all up and the chimes filled the house every 15mins. ‘Time’ was constantly around me, and seeing as it’s taken me a while to release Golden Rabbit into the wilds, it seemed appropriate.

I know this is a rather self indulgent choice as my first cover to unleash, but this is how I feel.  “I have been here, silent all these years.”
But not any more:0)

Download my version here for free:

Check out the one and only Tori Amos here: http://www.toriamos.com/

This is a live performance of my Tori Amos cover “Silent all these years (excuse me)”, the first part of my “Cover me in stardust” E.P.  You can download the recordings for free on ……. http://soundcloud.com/goldenrabbit

I wanted this video to be like a fly on the wall observation of the silence being broken between two people. It’s the pressure cooker finally exploding after an intense build up of frustration.