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Part 2: “True Love will find you in the end” by Daniel Johnston.

Part 2 of my ” Cover me in Stardust” covers collection ……

"True Love will find you in the end"

This is by the one and only, Daniel Johnston.
He captures such purity and beauty in his songs and artwork. I am drawn to the honesty in his work as are the many others inspired by him to cover his music.
I chose this song, not just because it is my fav Daniel song but also because Beck did a great little cover of this for the “Late great Daniel Johnston: Discovered Covered” album.

I am a huge Beck admirer and virtually wore out my Cd player when I got hold of the “Seachange” album. (Old skool, I know!) It’s texture and cinematic depth blew me away and reminded me of the some of my favourite production techniques I had heard in the Nigel Godrich Radiohead recordings.

Anyway, more about that another time!
Hope you enjoy this one.

Download for free here: http://soundcloud.com/goldenrabbit/true-love-will-find-you

Check out Daniels work here: http://www.hihowareyou.com/

The original song by the man himself over the trailer for the documentary about him “The devil and Daniel Johnston:

Beck’s cover: http://www.youtube.com/watch?NR=1&feature=endscreen&v=dYKUPb-x-EU

Buy Beck’s “Seachange” album here: http://www.fairsharemusic.com/release/sea-change-1
(Fairshare music donate half the money of every download to a charity of your choice! Brilliant)